Multimedia Storytelling 1 – JOUR 590

the ‘gold standard’

NYT Snowfall

NPR Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

ESPN Out in the Great Alone

National Film Board of Canada Interactive

SI Lost Soul

New Yorker Shelter and the Storm

The Guardian Firestorm

Seattle Times Sea Change

Cincinnati Seven Days of Heroin Epidemic



understanding our context

Vice – Race in the US in 2017

Video Now Study

Blue Chalk Ricardo’s Story (DACA)

National Geographic Border Wall

Is there Objective Truth in our era?

How do we/can we measure success? ‘The awful power of metrics’

The ‘pivot’ to video, is it working?

This is part of the future (I suspect): John Oliver on Floods

the present

Lin Manuel Miranda

Gary V on Friction and How To Start

Simon Sinek’s 10 Rules for Success

The Boss


skate to where the puck will be



One of the hurdles – The Digital Divide

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