I plan on using this blog to discuss thoughts on the visual world, business, non-profit work and how to think about communicating in the 21st century.

Oddly enough, Seth Godin has a great post today to kick things off:

‘The winning strategy for the local business or freelancer, then, is:

a. provide a product or service that truly works better when it’s local, and
b. do it in a way that works better when it’s small, custom, connected and not in search of economies of scale.’

That is exactly what I am trying to do in Bakersfield; help businesses and non-profits share what they are doing so that they can build their customer base, inform their clients or potential clients about what they do an interpret for the rest of the community what people are doing.

But what Seth Godin is also highlighting is that if work is not customized and not more effective when it is local, than the business will move to the web.

Much of what I and my co-founders at Rising Tide Productions are trying to do in Bakersfield is provide customized and unique content and services in Kern County.

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