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IMG_8070More than a few months ago I sat in our dinning room and sweated out the text for this book. It is part ‘Great Picture Hunt,’ part how-to and some memoir. What I have tried to do is tell you what goes through a photographer’s mind before, after and during the making of an image. I can only speak for my mind, but I let you in on where my thinking goes, what I look for and how I edit. You can find the book here on Amazon.

changing landscape (Write Comment)

The world of communication is changing. Here Rag + Bone skipped a traditional runway event to shoot an interesting and catchy video that will have a ‘long tail,’ ie. people will discover this, share it and enjoy it for a long time. The company will also attract folks who don’t know their brand as well as reach out directly to the public. Something to think about before your next project or ad campaign.

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Mercury News, Formula one sounds.

Example from the NYT, 1-in-8 million.

LAT, Waiting for death.

Missing pieces.

NPR, Black hearts.

Magnum photos: Conflict.

Goodnight moon.


 Hey, baby!

PostSecret: Confessions.


Blue Chalk, A tribute.


Fields of White.

PETA protests eating fish.

The mountain.

Mercury News, Left behind.

getting the word out, part 2 (Write Comment)

It takes a concerted effort to get the word out these days. You can wait for this to happen, you can start doing things in-house, or you can start to bring in people to consult, who will work with your staff and design a strategy to communicate and interpret what you do.

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