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The world of communication is changing. Here Rag + Bone skipped a traditional runway event to shoot an interesting and catchy video that will have a ‘long tail,’ ie. people will discover this, share it and enjoy it for a long time. The company will also attract folks who don’t know their brand as well as reach out directly to the public. Something to think about before your next project or ad campaign.

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Mercury News, Formula one sounds.

Example from the NYT, 1-in-8 million.

LAT, Waiting for death.

Missing pieces.

NPR, Black hearts.

Magnum photos: Conflict.

Goodnight moon.


 Hey, baby!

PostSecret: Confessions.


Blue Chalk, A tribute.


Fields of White.

PETA protests eating fish.

The mountain.

Mercury News, Left behind.

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It takes a concerted effort to get the word out these days. You can wait for this to happen, you can start doing things in-house, or you can start to bring in people to consult, who will work with your staff and design a strategy to communicate and interpret what you do.

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24th Annual Professional Development Conference for Nonprofits | United Way of Kern County


PostSecret: Fifty People One Question

Orchestra made out of trash – Upworthy

Food Insecurity in Kern County.

An anatomy of a movement
1. A narrative that tells a story about who we are and the future we are trying to build.
2. A connection between and among the leader and the group.
3. Something to do – the fewer the limits the better.
– Senator Bill Bradley

Old model of marketing
idea > develop > launch > market

New model of marketing
truth > people > idea > launch
Bernadette Jiwa

The Golden Circle
why > how > what
Simon Sinek

Making ideas stick
simple            unexpected        concrete
credible            emotional            stories
Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Seth Godin on marketing.

Dan Pallotta on rethinking nonprofits.

Tribes’ – Seth Godin
Poke The Box’ – Seth Godin
We Are All Weird‘ – Seth Godin
ReWork’ – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
Rules of Thumb’ – Alan M. Weber
Subject to Change’ – Peter Merholz, Brandon Schauer

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