presentation at The University of Mississippi (Write Comment)

I will be giving a presentation about editing in-camera on location, seeing creatively and the power of ‘the almost.’ Much of this can be found in my second book on iPhone Photography.

Meek School of Journalism and New Media Fall 2018 Multimedia (Write Comment)

The following is student created work from sections of Jour 361, 375, 500 and 590. The students were taught by Al Steele, Ji Hoon Heo and myself. There is solid work here and a great foundation for growth and future projects. It has been a great first semester at The University of Mississippi. Really honored to be part of the team.


Jour 271 – Vanessa Gregory w/ Ji assist

Malpaso explores dance, culture and politics


Al’s 375

Observing Contextualization: Through the Eyes of Barnard Observatory

The Lyceum: A Story of Prominence and Pain

The Hilgard Cut


Ji’s  361 Jour/IMC

Musician Chance Ragsdale


Michael’s 375

The Good Life with Grant

The Poet

Brian Sherry Profile

The Author


Ji’s 500

Confronting Mental Illness, enlightening the community

Rolling Out Community in Oxford

Developing Stories

Kia’s Jewel



Michael’s 590

Moments: A Conversation Series

Culture Shock

What Makes you Feel Attractive?

Leah’s House

Multimedia Storytelling 1 – JOUR 590 (Write Comment)

the ‘gold standard’

NYT Snowfall

NPR Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

ESPN Out in the Great Alone

National Film Board of Canada Interactive

SI Lost Soul

New Yorker Shelter and the Storm

The Guardian Firestorm

Seattle Times Sea Change

Cincinnati Seven Days of Heroin Epidemic



understanding our context

Vice – Race in the US in 2017

Video Now Study

Blue Chalk Ricardo’s Story (DACA)

National Geographic Border Wall

Is there Objective Truth in our era?

How do we/can we measure success? ‘The awful power of metrics’

The ‘pivot’ to video, is it working?

This is part of the future (I suspect): John Oliver on Floods

the present

Lin Manuel Miranda

Gary V on Friction and How To Start

Simon Sinek’s 10 Rules for Success

The Boss


skate to where the puck will be



One of the hurdles – The Digital Divide

digital storytelling (revised) (Write Comment)


‘There are only 3 colors, 10 Digits and 7 Notes; Its what we do with them that is important.’
– fortune cookie



Ira Glass

NYT – Solar Eclipse



NYT, 1 in 8 Million

Missing Pieces

Good Night Moon


Video Sequencing:

10 second ‘rule’

sticks, sticks, sticks

wide, medium, tight, tighter, super tight, action, reaction, reverse

5+ shot method – hands, face, wide, over the shoulder, creative, interview

Student 5 shot example

Action, detail, overall, open, portrait, end

looking for – action, movement and nat sound

OK video

Better Video

3 over 1

The language of CUTS

Why don’t our brain melt at film CUTS?

Put it all together (with some musica).

Bonus Track: Spoon video



TBC, The Song Poet

TBC, Team Prodigy

TBC, One Last Wish

Eric Seals, Freep, Hey, baby!

Colin Mulvany, Everyone Needs a Painting

Katie Falkenberger, The Loneliest War

Colin Mulvany, Beggar in a Suit

PostSecret: Confessions


Blue Chalk, A Tribute



Radio Lab: Moments

Sibelius – Finlandia

The importance of Nat Sound: Needle Drop, NYT

Sound, MediaStorm: Family Farm


Putting things together:

NYT, Snow Fall

100th Giro d’Talia

  • Tom Dumoulin
  • Nairo Quintana
  • Vincenzo Nibali


Race starts/leaders

  1. Quintana takes the lead
  2. Dumoulin time trial, takes lead
  3. Quintana accident
  4. Dumoulin incident
  5. Quintana takes lead
  6. Dumoulin struggles
  7. Last Stage


10,000 Hours

Learning how to practice

Lighting for stills

Ira Glass on storytelling 1, 2,3, 4

Storytellers resource


‘The hunter-gatherer mind is humanity’s most sophisticated combination of detailed knowledge and intuition. It is where direct experience and metaphor unite in a joint concern to know and use the truth.’
– Hugh Brody

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